JYLY putting game

JYLY Putting game is a putt practice drill/game created by Markus Lindqvist (found by nickename JYLY in dgcr forums as well as frisbeegolf-forum). The drill emphasizes putting from various distances. The more putts you sink and the further you do it, more points you get.

How to play:
Ideally you need five putters to play JYLY but if you don't mind going back and forth some extra times you can play with less than that. You also need a basket to putt into, and some method of keeping track of the distances from 5m to 10m with 1m intervals. I typically grab a stick and draw marks to the ground.

Ok, so you mark the distances and take the putters to the 10m mark. Throw five putts from there and on the app tap the number of the putts that went in. Then pick up your putters and repeat from the next lie - calculated by adding one meter to 5m for each putt sunk from the previous lie( 0 sunk: 5m, one sunk: 6m all the way up to 10m mark if all putts hit). Confusing? No worries, you'll get the hang of it, and the app also tells you where to throw at the top. Repeat this for the full 20 rounds and you're done! The points are calculated by multiplying the number of sunk putts by the distance they were thrown - a putt from 5m is worth 5 points, one from 10m is worth 10 points. The maximum amount of points is 1000 points.

The "Long mode" - selectable from the main menu wotks the same way, but the distances are greater, spanning from 10m to 15m.

You can get the corresponding distances in feet for example by google (search "5 meters in feet").

Technical information and how to get JYLY:
JYLY is primarily developed for Android-based devices, but it also is converted into cross-platform web-app for iOS and WP users (basically anything with newer browser, even desktops and laptops). Web app is essentially a web page version of the app, which has all the functionalities of the native android app excluding the hardware buttons and separate data storage (web-app uses the browser's data storage so careful with those browser data wipes!)

Even though I use the app myself and have experienced no problems with it whatsoever and should know that the app is safe to use, I cannot guarantee it for you. The downloading, installing and using are done at your own responsibility!

You can find the apk (android installation package) for JYLY here. You have to allow your device to install from external sources. The download location is organized by version number -  bigger the version number, newer the build. In most cases just install the latest version and you're good to go!

Web address for the web app is jyly.altervista.org 

The app is free to use and will always be so. There are no ads or micropayments. From one discgolfer to the disc golf community, that's how it goes.

The application lives and develops through feedback! So give it here via comment section or contact me through the forums (nickname iloreplica in dgcr forums and frisbeegolf-forum).

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  1. Wonderful!
    Thank you so much - a perfect motivator for Putting-Practice!

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  4. Still using it and i love it

  5. Apps biggest drawback is that you can't redo a score. So if you mistakenly put wrong number up, you have to go with it. And also the data gathering, it's so annoying it doesn't have even last 10 putting sessions data available. That's the reason I use the Altavista web page one. I need to see my improvement, or at least my ups and downs...