Disctance is a disc golf measurement application, where the distances can be measured and saved individually for several discs. All throws are saved and the throws can later be analyzed. The app is in alpha testing phase, but majority of the desired features are already implemented and the app works as intended.

Primarily I develop the app for phones running Android. I've also developed a web-app (basically a website containing the app), so those of you using phones with iOS or Windows Phone can use it too. Anything with newer web browser goes. Please note that the native Android app is a bit safer in terms of accidental data wipes (web app uses browser data storage, so data wipe wipes also Disctance's data) and also added functionalities with hardware buttons on the device. Native apps for WP or iOS are not out of the question, but for now these two are the main ones.

I will distiribute the newest versions of Disctance for Android in my Dropbox as .apk files (Android's installation packs. You need to manually update the app by downloading and installing new version apk. You need to allow your device to install apks from external sources.

Download the app, test it, use it. And comment it! The app lives and develops through feedback, good and bad! Don't be silent. You can contact me with this page's comment section or dgcr forums' provate messaging (nickname iloreplica). For the Finns, same applies for frisbeegolf-forum, same nickname.

The application is and will always be free to download and use. There are no micropayments or ads. From one disc golfer to the disc golf community, that's how it's meant to be.

WARNING! Even though I use the app regularily, the responsibility of downloading, installing  and using it is completely yours! It's unfortunate if you mess  up your device with Disctance, but I cannot take the the responsibility of it. There has been no issues whatsoever for me, however, and I should know that the app is safe. I cannot guarantee it though.

The Android app's installation packages can be found here: Disctance
The website of the web-app is:  disctance.altervista.org

Version: a0.4.0

What's New? 

  • You can inspect individual throws in Analyze-section
  • The throws are drawn into a graph


  • Follows the location of the user
  • When the tee is set, it's location is saved and the distance to it (and the accuracy of the location) is shown in real time. The tee can be set again when desired.
  • You can add and remove discs freely, naming is free with the exception of duplicates and empty names.
  • When the tee is set, you can save throws to individual discs created and named by the user. Walk to the disc, pick it up and save the throw by pushing the disc's button.
  • Obsolete discs can be removed.

 Future features

  • Exporting the throw data?




  • Session throws can be canceled
  • Bug fixes
  • web-application launched at  disctance.altervista.org. Portrait-mode is highly recommended.



  • Database version added for future use
  • Sizing fixes in the button sections



  • The discs are saved between sessions!
  • Due to this some modifications to the button creation
  • Fixking the code here and there


  • Disc colors added
  • New color for the selections


  • Icon added
  • Sanitized the disc name input

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